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Massaro Community Farm, CT


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Massaro Community Farm, CT

Leah Sienkowski

Woodbridge, CT. Rebecca Toms is part of the spirit behind Massaro Community Farm, a 100-year old farm on 57 acres that is run as a nonprofit. Massaro donate ten percent of their food to hunger relief organizations and runs workshops, camps, and events for the community. In addition to preserving farmland, the CSA farm is also committed to preserving the wild spaces on their land.

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Tell us about your organization, what do you do?

Massaro Community Farm is a nonprofit educational farm that grows food as well as provides a local hub where you can learn about and appreciate the environment. We know how good veggies can taste when they're grown nearby, and we love when our community learns this for themselves.

Tell us how your organization got started & why.

Our organization was started as a reaction to the many farms being lost in our community, most of which have been taken over by developments. This loss of open land and local food sources concerned us and we wanted to do something to preserve our environment and local food movement within the community. Therein grew Massaro Farm. We always try to follow our mission: Keep farming, feed people, and build community.

What are you working on right now? What are you most excited about? 

We are working on lots of things, but our main focus is ensuring that our fields are productive for our CSA and farmer's market and that our educational programs for kids and adults continue to grow. Currently, we're working to raise money for an education pavilion and a public parking area so that our farm will be more accessible to the public.

Anything else you want us to know? Anything you want us to help you spread the word about?

The greatest thing about our farm is our two mile nature trail that winds through the surrounding native woods. It helps people to become familiar with their local environment and it serves as an agricultural teaching model as we demonstrate that organic farming is our best attempt to mimic what's already happening in nature.