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Tater Tats! Temporary Vegetable Tattoos that support small farms and healthy eating!



News and updates about the farms and all things veggies that we think are great. 

Raleigh's Hillside Farm

Leah Sienkowski


Raleigh's Hillside Farm is one of those fresh and inspired CSA farms that you hope is around for a very long time. Raleigh's is run by husband and wife team, Kyle and Lauren Rudersdorf, who grow organic vegetables for their community in Brodhead, Wisconsin. Six years strong, the farmers are expanding their production this season--more land, more equipment, more hands.

Do you have any blogs, books, podcasts, or cookbooks that inspire you to keep farming and cooking?

It began with Kristin from The Dirty Life... then I became an avid Molly from My Name is Yeh follower, and now, six years into farm life, I follow a pretty broad array of folks who keep me inspired: Dishing Up the Dirt, Wisconsin from Scratch, Rochelle Billow's memoir: The Call of the Farm. These women bring me immense inspiration. Now I have my own food blog where I cook up seasonal meals, educate people in my local community about healthy eating, and share my personal farm journey with the world (The Leek & The Carrot).

What is Raleigh's Hillside Farm all about?

We are a CSA farm committed to producing high quality, organic vegetables for our local community. Our story is a love story. The two of us met while attending the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin- Madison--studying soil science and rural sociology, respectively. We spent our days learning to cook and our nights discussing the environment, agriculture, local food systems, and a better world. We fell in love quickly. As we approached graduation, we couldn't imagine an existence where we weren't always a team. We decided we wanted to spend our lives building something together. Neither of us ever considered a career in farming separately, but together, it felt right. We wanted to create a small, diverse farm that connected people to their food. We decided to take a chance and rent some family land, and Raleigh’s Hillside Farm was born. Over the past six years we’ve watched our dreams become reality as we have grown our small, diverse farm focused on love, respect, education and healthy soils. We believe the best food is grown with love by people you know and respect on healthy soils filled with life.


What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

As we embark on this new growing season, we're scaling up in a lot of ways and finally learning that to succeed you need to bet on yourself. We took out a sizable loan to expand our well, purchase a tractor, and build a pack shed with some friends. It’s exciting. It’s overwhelming. It’s amazing. It’s terrifying. It’s a lot to digest at one time, but it’s happening, and it feels like a step in the right direction.

What's one way you get people excited about vegetables?

I love to get people excited about vegetables by sharing their simplicity. Some of the best recipes are just vegetables roasted on a sheet pan in the oven for 30-40 minutes. Local produce grown with passion has tremendous flavor and doesn't need to be prepared in elaborate ways. My favorite recipes celebrate this simplicity. Something I bring to every potluck is this caramelized shallot dip made by slowly cooking shallots and then throwing them into a bunch of Greek yogurt--the simplest, most decadent treat. When I want a simple dinner, this sheet pan meal is full of fall classics: leeks, cabbage, garlic and roast chicken never disappoints.

leek & carrot

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank so much for your belief in our little farm! 

Promise of Peace Gardens

Leah Sienkowski

Elizabeth Dry of Promise of Peace Gardens tells us about her work with families. Elizabeth writes, "The kids keep me going and passionate about our mission. When I see the wonder and amazement in their eyes, and watch them really connecting with nature."

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Dogpatch Urban Gardens

Leah Sienkowski

Jenny is the head farmer at Dogpatch Urban Gardens (DUG) in the suburbs of Des Moines Iowa. DUG is transforming their food system and the perception of their neighborhood with a farmstand (ft. local products), a farmhouse for farm-curious tourists, and a vibrant vegetable garden, specializing in salad crops.

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Leah Sienkowski

No matter your hemisphere, we all long to hole up at home from time to time, surrounded by nourishing traditions and small, quiet comforts. This holiday, give the gift of cozy to your favorite homebody! Tater Tats style.


Tater Tats Winter Pack. Wear a head of homegrown garlic, a row of canned goods, a voluptuous turnip and a sprig of kale, sweetened by the first freeze. Stuff a pack of Tater Tats in every stocking. We could all use a little reminder of resilience on our forearm. $5

Cellar Door Preserves. Pick 3 delicious flavors (plum w/ cardamom, pear with ginger, spiced cherry, for instance). Every jar is jammed in small batches by a local lady entrepreneur (Grand Rapids, MI). $30

Christmas Lima Bean. These vibrant beans have a nutty flavor and hold their color even when cooked. They are about as big as a spoon when cooked and make a great addition to a soup or stew--and a wonderful conversation piece. Grow them for $9 from Seed SaversEat them for $6 from Rancho Gordo.

Mens Veggie Socks. Because with every step, you're taking strides for veggies. Because they're cute, darn it., $15.

Sourdough Starter. That thing you've always wanted to try but too lazy to start... it's here! In a plastic tub, ready to make your bread dreams come true. For only $9.

Another Michigan goodie, this tea comes from the north woods of Traverse City and the only Biodynamic Tea farm anywhere. The Tulsi Soother Citrus is "a pleasantly spicy throat-soother with a warm finish. Mildly citrus." This tea tastes as cozy as it looks. $33 for 3.5 oz (70-servings).


Leah Sienkowski

Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Calling all goat-lovers, herd mothers, milkmaids and milkmen! We've got enough goat stuff to fill your stockings this season, and each product supports an artist or farmer making the world better for goats and their people. 

Goat Lover Stocking.jpg

A. Goat Enamel Pin by Little Sloth, $9. They've also got a mug with the mug of a goat drinking from a mug, $16.

B. Three Delightful Lumps of Coal Soap (activated charcoal with goat milk) by Little Seed Farm in Tennessee. All goodies are organic, handmade, and produced with solar energy, $12.

C. Goat Tats... by Tater Tats, of course! One pack of four tats, includes goats Joy, Beau, and Moonlight (left to right) and a spring of invasive rose, the goats' favorite treat! Ten percent of each pack supports the next generation of Dreamgoats. $5/1 pack, $23/5 packs

D. Seven-and-a-half ounces of pure New Mexican wilderness, spun into goats milk, cultured into cheese, and packed in your choice of herbs & oil. Order ASAP; due to their isolated location, shipments go out only twice per month. It's worth the wait. $17/jar

E. & F. These tea towels and chocolate-covered caramels both hail from the hills of Vermont, crafted by poet/artist/farmers at Big Picture Farm. $30/linen tea towel; $15/box of chocolate-covered goat milk caramels. Buy both & get free shipping this holiday!

G. This goat story was written by a novelist who fled his tiny New York apartment to raise Nubian goats with his wife on 75 acres in Vermont. Your dream too, right? ;) The book contains excerpts from some of the best goat literature around. A great intro to life with goats. Get it from Simon & Schuster for $16 or as an ebook for $1.99.


Holiday Gift Guide: Farm-Lovin Ladies

Leah Sienkowski

Know a strong lady with dirt beneath her fingernails? A farm-lovin' woman with a love of heirloom apples and a know-how for bok choy? Get her a piece of land this holiday!  A shiny new shovel! Or some of these goodies. 

Lady Farmer Stocking2.jpg

The Garden School Foundation, CA

Leah Sienkowski

Los Angeles, CA. The Garden School Foundation is a non-profit organization empowering Los Angeles elementary & high school school students to grow, harvest, and cook their own food by planting school gardens and providing garden curriculum & teacher training.

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Austin Fermentation Festival, Oct. 22

Leah Sienkowski

The Austin Fermentation Festival includes a day of fermentation workshops including hands-on activities, keynote address by author and fermentation revivalist Sandor Katz, a community culture swap, fermented foods and product vendors, along with book sales, an artisan lunch and breakfast menu, fermented beverages, live music, a silent auction, and a mini farmers’ market! Proceeds from the event benefit the Texas Farmers’ Market Farmer Emergency Fund, which allows us to offer financial assistance to farmers and ranchers in times of crisis.

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Real Pickles, MA

Leah Sienkowski

Greenfield, MA. Tamara McKerchie helps run Real Pickles, a worker-owned cooperative transforming local produce into fermented goods--grown, fermented, and sold entirely within the Northeast. Real Pickles operates out of a solar-powered warehouse in Greenfields, MA, and strives to pay fair, living wages, produce an entirely organic product, and contribute to the economy of the Northeast US.

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Kraut Source, CA

Leah Sienkowski

San Francisco, CA. Karen Diggs is the inventor of Kraut Source, a tool which attaches to a wide mouth Ball jar, making fermentation easy for the home cook/maker. With Kraut Source's tools & recipes, you can fill your kitchen with magical small-batch ferments of all kinds and colors. Visit for inspiration galore, educational video shorts, and your own starter kit. Kraut Source opens the door to fermentation projects which go way past the pickle: ferment your own relish, hot sauce, and more!

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Cultured Love, MI

Leah Sienkowski

Grand Rapids, MI. Jodie Krumpe and her small crew turn West Michigan produce into krauts of many sizzling flavors, colors & dispositions. Cultured Love's mantra is "good food, good mood"--indeed, the company works to change eating habits in their community by offering the promise of gut healing and improved wellness. Find their colorful, flavor-packed krauts in stores and markets around West Michigan!

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Fermentation is Love.

Leah Sienkowski

In a world obsessed with purity and cleanliness, we forget that many of our favorite foods are made by the bacteria we aim to banish! Foods like wine, beer, chocolate and cheese! Through the process of fermentation, these bacteria create some of our very favorite flavors, textures, and smells.

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Kids Eat in Color, MD

Leah Sienkowski

Jennifer Anderson (College Park, MD) is a registered dietitian with an masters degree in Public Health. She's passionate about changing the way we feed our children, catering to picky palates in a way that does not compromise health. Her colorful bento boxes have developed a loyal Instagram following and high child-approval rating. In the following interview, Jennifer shares some tips and encouragement on how to raise the next generation of veggie and fruit lovers. 

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Bow Hill Blueberries, WA

Leah Sienkowski

Bow Hill Blueberries is located in the Skagit valley in Northwest Washington. The farm specializes in organic blueberry production and has over 4500 bushes of heirloom berries available for weekend u-pick, purchase in the farm store, and at various markets and stores, including the Puget Sound Food Hub. They also make a variety of value-added products--this season, they are excited about their new Cold-Pressed Blueberry Juice & Heirloom Blueberry Powder

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Massaro Community Farm, CT

Leah Sienkowski

Woodbridge, CT. Rebecca Toms is part of the spirit behind Massaro Community Farm, a 100-year old farm on 57 acres that is run as a nonprofit. Massaro donate ten percent of their food to hunger relief organizations and runs workshops, camps, and events for the community. In addition to preserving farmland, the CSA farm is also committed to preserving the wild spaces on their land.

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