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Tater Tats! Temporary Vegetable Tattoos that support small farms and healthy eating!


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Are you a grower? We're grateful for what you do, and we want to give back!

Our aim is to help people grow vegetables--whether that means growing vegetables for the first time, expanding an operation, or experimenting with crazier, more delicious varieties. We applaud commitment to diversity, education, and sustainability, and we love to see growers carrying on the legacy of heirloom varieties! Every year we give ten percent of 2017 sales to subsidize seed purchases, and this time we're upping the offer, in the form of $500 grants to vegetable producers nationwide.

The deadline for 2018 funding is December 31, 2018 and we will choose a select number of farms to fund in January 2019.

As you fill out the application below, consider how your farm is unique: how you fit into your unique geographic/cultural landscape, how you have contributed or changed your community, and how your community has changed you. We're drawn to good stories, memories of mind-altering meals, and dreams-come-true and dreams-not-quite-yet. 

Keep it colorful, brief, and specific.


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